Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Stat's

So, as most of you who have blogs are well aware, there is a section called “Statistics” on the blog editing page where you can see all of the referring URL's and sites that have directed people to your blog. There is also a little mini world map that shows where in the world your views come from and my favourite option – a list of “search keywords” that people have typed into google that caused them intentionally or unintentionally to stumble across your blog page.

I am now going to share some of that list of keywords with you:

  1. becky fotobi” - Pretty standard. The average family member that hasn't really figured out how to use a website bookmark. (Don't worry family, I do this too.)

  2. ghana” - Makes sense, I AM in Ghana. Although I'm a little bit confused about how my goofy blog rates in representing the whole country of Ghana. I feel it puts a little bit of pressure on me, knowing that I am having a part in randomly shaping people's opinions of the country.

  3. my sister in accra even” - Errrrrm.... I don't really have anything to say about this.

  4. jesus loves me in ghanaian” - Guh... this reminds me of that fateful day when I had to sing “Jesus loves me” in front of an entire expectant congregation.

  5. women 'communal shower' ” – bahahahhaha.... I think this person would have been severely disappointed with what they found.

  6. Hridi Chowdhury” - BAHAHAHHA. Hridi, just so you aware, someone has been google-searching you. Or maybe that was just you searching your own name... Don't worry, I do that on occasion too.

So anyway, just a quick update for now. I was looking at the blog statistics this morning (don't judge, I have nothing better to do) and thought I would share. I was also wondering if any other IDS-ers have weird search keywords whereby random people have stumbled upon their blogs.... please share ! Entertain me, I live in a village.

Hope you are all well! I'm coming home in only a couple of weeks!


  1. Ha! I know I'm not nearly as popular as you on this whole placement thing. But I do have an odd keyword search. "days a week for" - I guess my blog doesn't make sense if this word search got my blog. hahaha.

  2. My favourite is "+bangkok +"oil massage" +"happy ending" +experience" and people randomly finding a picture of me eating poutine is the #1 random link that people use to get to our blog! Love Blogger Stats :)


  3. Hello.. I see that I am late to the party, but I just want to let you know that I have read through some of your blog and really enjoyed it. I came upon it through a search for "Fotobi," as I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there over 10 years ago. It is interesting to see that other obrunis have lived there since my time.

    I can definitely relate to a lot of your stories!